About Positively Motivating

Motivation is the human engine.

Generating motivation for ourselves and others is essential.

Directing motivation strategically and meaningfully is akin to super-charged fuel for positive change.

Positively Motivating provides targeted groups, workshops and 1:1 coaching designed to increase your capacity to positively motivate yourself and others.

It’s all about training.  I do the research for scientifically-based practices to maximize your motivation. I design practices that make it easy and simple to train. 


Everything delivered by Positively Motivating is grounded in peer reviewed evidence-based practice.

Your time is valuable, so the practices and programs are streamlined and efficient based on scientific evaluation.

ABOUT NICOLE ARNOLD, MA (Psychology), Coach & Facilitator

Nicole’s goal is to combine her thirst for knowledge about decision-making with her passion to help people by translating the science of motivation into the practice of flourishing.

She combines  8+ years of studying and practicing positive psychology based tools with 20+ years of experience dedicated to helping not for profit organizations support their communities and improve the world. Her Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto focused on parents and motivation.

Nicole informs her coaching and facilitating by staying abreast of current scientific findings in behavioural economics and positive psychology, volunteering for community organizations, conducting research, developing as a small business owner and joyfully parenting her three children.