Client Testimonials

I was specifically looking for career coaching related to my work in the cause/philanthropic sector. Nicole's blend of coaching expertise and leadership experience in the industry made her the ideal person to work with. She provided me with a framework and process to align decision making with values and goals. Her method was valuable in making some short-term changes, and continues to provide a reference point for ongoing reflection and decisions. Knowledge of the sector along with an approachable/engaging style while pushing for outcomes made the process highly effective.
Samantha Jones, MBA
Management Consultant, Interim Executive, Educator
As my second and youngest child started pre-school and gained independence, I found myself wondering about happiness. I had a beautiful home and a healthy, happy family but I found my own happiness a little elusive and inconsistent. I sought out personal coaching to get to the bottom of why happiness seemed so hard to find and feel when I could see all the ingredients of it in my life already. Nicole brought a gift for thoughtful questions, a sense of humor, kindness, and an ability to really listen to our search. And the search through questions and answers about happiness really did feel like it was ours - she stuck by my side through the whole experience whether responding my journal entries or talking on the phone. The results were amazing and I still use journaling to pick apart big questions that arise for me personally, professionally, and as a parent.
Abigail Cannon, L.Ac.
Sleep Coach
Nicole Arnold was very helpful in allowing the Wild Eye Designs team to come together and better understand the role of stress in the workplace. Most importantly, how stress can be used to motivate and energize, as opposed to being a force of obstacles in achieving company goals. It all starts with a new a way of thinking, and staying focused on the underlying solution to any challenging or stressful situation. Nicole put everyone at ease, was thoughtful in navigating this topic, and the workshop gave everyone a chance to digest the information at their own pace. We have begun to use some of the tools presented by Nicole, and have found great benefits in seeing them in action.
Wild Eye Designs Team
I began working with Nicole two years ago when I was facing a challenging time in my life. She was able to help me work through these obstacles and helped guide me to change my mindset so I could better manage my situation. I found that she was able to provide unbiased coaching with no judgement and I was and am completely comfortable discussing anything and everything with her. I trust her completely because she has such a love for what she does, and that is clear once you work with her. I love our calls and reading her comments on my journal entries. You know she truly cares about what is going in your life. By putting in the work, you end up with a great skillset and are better equipped to handle situations that arise in life. Working with Nicole and seeing how my mindset and life have improved I am forever grateful.
Lauren Edgington
A Healthier You Operations & Program Specialist
Nicole is a thoughtful and warm person who generously shared her insights and experience, not to tell me what to do, but to help me navigate on my own. I felt that her approach was tailored to me, and fit where I was emotionally, professionally and even physically. She took time to help me deconstruct my issues, and challenged me take novel approaches to handling them. She incorporated ideas from influential thinkers and sparked my own thoughts, which I was able to pull apart and rearrange on the pages of my journal. The combination of her guidance and insights and my ongoing journaling changed my heart and mind.
Tamara Boykin-Wilcox
Before coaching, I was angry, bitter and sinking more into depression. I was in a state of desperation and knew I needed to change, but wasn't sure how to make it happen. Nicole was awesome and brought a lot of things to the surface that I needed to confront and deal with. I learned to forgive myself of the guilt that was weighing down on me, and I also got to a point where I was no longer feeling raw wounds from a broken marriage. I had a lot of healing take place. Nicole went above and beyond to give me the best experience. I felt that she actually cared about me as a person and not just a client to make money from.
Deb Stout