Parenting Coaching

We deliberately train for almost every role in our life – first we train to learn, as a student in school, and then we train for paid work.

Why not parenting? What role do we play that’s more important?

Many parents feel like they’re fighting to survive so much of the time – making it to the end of each day without falling over or apart is a frequent goal.

We set goals in other areas of our lives: fitness goals, performance goals, self-improvement goals. 

We don’t set parenting goals when we’re fighting to survive each day.

What could it mean to move beyond survival and train yourself to flourish?

Flourishing in parenting happens through deliberately training to decrease your stress and find more joy in your interactions with your child.

1:1 Parenting Coaching

This is like having a personal trainer for parenting. Coaching includes targeted skill building, encouragement and and support.

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Parenting Workshops

  • Parenting Your Child with ADHD/ADD
  • Parenting your Child with Anxiety
  • Developing Stress Resilience in Parents & Kids