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Do you want to be more productive?

Do you want to reach the goals you set?

Do you want more energy to live the life you've dreamed about?

You don’t need to wait to be less busy, less stressed, have older kids, finish the demanding project you’re working on, or wait until your parents aren’t experiencing health challenges.

All you need is 20 minutes a week for 4 weeks.

You Need the Kindness Challenge

What is the Kindness Challenge?

The Kindness Challenge is a 28 day program to help increase productivity, motivation and well-being through increasing your daily experience of kindness.

How will the Kindness Challenge increase my daily experiences of kindness?

The Kindness Challenge works by encouraging you to pay attention to kind acts. Each day, you will notice a kind act and each day you will log this act (50 words or less). These two components – paying attention and savouring – will help you build the habit of experiencing kindness.

How much does it cost to participate in the Kindness Challenge?

It’s free for individuals to participate. It might sound corny, but I believe that kindness is the route to having the best lives and the best world possible. This is my contribution to bringing about significant positive social change – one kindness experience at a time.

Can I bring the Kindness Challenge to my office, school or sports team?

Yes please! Organizations, teams and schools can benefit tremendously from holding a Kindness Challenge. Facilitation includes a kickoff presentation and all the tools that are needed to strengthen your group by increasing everyone’s experience of kind acts. There is a fee for this facilitation.¬†

What does experiencing kindness have to do with motivation, productivity and good health?

The short answer: EVERYTHING

The longer answer: A growing body of scientific research shows that kindness experiences are strongly associated with motivation, goal attainment, improved physical and mental health. In other words: kindness is like a power food for humanity. Click here for some of the leading studies on the impact of kindness.

The mechanism works like this:

 Experiencing kindness increases our capacity to trust (ourselves and others).

Trust increases our positive motivation (e.g. our motivation to take actions towards reaching our goals).

It also works like this:

Looking for kindness experiences increases our capacity to be curious.

Curiosity increases our problem solving capabilities, which feeds our productivity.

And this:

Experiencing the positive emotions (love, curiosity, joy, etc.) that are associated with kindness are also associated with approaching and broadening and building (see Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s work for much more information). In other words: experiencing kindness leads to feeling good which leads to approaching goals, increasing our perspective and building solutions.