Parenting Groups and Coaching

Parenting can feel REALLY hard.

Do you feel like you spend more time fighting with your child than connecting?

Are you worried that your child is never going to have the independence that you both seek?

Are you exhausted all the time from parenting?

I can help with that. I offer groups and 1:1 coaching to help reduce conflict with your child.

We deliberately train for almost every role in our life.

Why not parenting? What role do we play that’s more important?

I can help you turn your parenting roadblocks into building blocks that will help you connect with your child so you can both feel less exhausted and miserable and enjoy each other. 

All the information and tools that are delivered through Positively Motivating are underpinned by peer reviewed, evidence-based practice.

What does this mean? There’s a high probability that if you consistently apply the information and tools, that you will be positively motivated, more of the time.

Groups and workshops are held regularly based on demand.