We deliberately train for almost every role in our life – first we train to learn, as a student in school, and then we train for paid work.

Why not parenting? What role do we play that’s more important?

Many parents feel like they’re fighting to survive so much of the time – making it to the end of each day without falling over or apart is a frequent goal.

We set goals in other areas of our lives: fitness goals, performance goals, self-improvement goals. Maybe because people don’t usually set aside goals when they’re fighting to survive. The goal is survival.

What can it mean to move beyond survival and train yourself to flourish?

People can flourish in all environments.

Flourishing in parenting happens through deliberately training to decrease your stress and find more joy in your interactions with your child.

Scientists in fields including neuroscience, cognitive and developmental psychology are regularly developing and evaluating tools and practices that leverage our physiological capacity to motivate ourselves and others to lead satisfying and productive lives.

All the information and tools that are delivered through Positively Motivating are underpinned by peer reviewed, evidence-based practice.

What does this mean? There’s a high probability that if you consistently apply the information and tools, that you will be positively motivated, more of the time.

What does THAT mean for your parenting?

It means that you could feel less helpless and more satisfied with your parenting. You could understand your child more and feel more understood. It means you could feel better about leaving them on their own and also spending time with them.

At Positively Motivating Parenting Workshops, you will develop parenting tools that are customized to you and your child. The goal of each workshop is to provide parents with hands-on tools to solve common parenting dilemmas and engage with other parents who are experiencing similar challenges.

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